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     At the Alecia Novy Training Stable I teach Horsemanship skills from the ground to the saddle with riders of all ages and experience levels. 

     Horses have been my life’s passion.  My goal is to share that passion with others and watch them get the same joy and satisfaction from their experiences with horses as I have since my childhood.  Growing up my family owned and operated a horse boarding and training facility.  This is where I learned most of my equine related knowledge working with horses starting at the age of five years old. 

     I took the knowledge I gained as a child and continued my education by attending Cal Poly Pomona obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Equine Science and AG management.  

 I have been giving riding lessons and training horses for 15 + years.  I’ve owned my own horse since I was the age of 5 years old. 

     Through my years of horse ownership, I have been taught not just horse skills but life skills as well.  My care of horses has taught me that awareness, self-discipline/motivation and responsibility are crucial life lessons that are required in order to be a horseman/woman.  


I have a drive to compete in the arena.  Over the years, I’ve trained and competed in multiple equine events such as English/ Western Sunday shows, cutting, sorting, reining, Gymkhana and more.   I have had great success in the arena with horses I’ve trained and competed on over my years of ownership- winning multiple awards in various divisions of competition. 

     As a trainer, many of my students have gone on to compete in the arena.   Many of them have gone on to win awards in their classes and gained their own lifelong memories they will cherish throughout their lifetimes.  I think that is my greatest accomplishment as a trainer,  passing on the passion of horses to the next generation of horse owners that my parents instilled in to me. 
That is how you build a successful stable in my mind.

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